• Dr. J. L. S. Abbey Non-Executive Chairman

    Dr. Joseph L. S. Abbey is Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Analysis (www.cepa.org.gh ) an independent, non-governmental think tank, which provides analysis and perspectives on economic policy issues of Ghana and the developing world. He presently serves as Non-Executive Chairman of RDFC.

    Before founding the Centre, Joseph Abbey was High Commissioner and Ambassador to Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. He was also a key member of the Economic Management Team of the Government of Ghana and has been widely acknowledged as the principal architect of Ghana’s Economic Recovery Programme (ERP).

  • Kwame N. Acquah

    Kwame Acquah has extensive experience in business development and marketing relating to the oil and gas, power and technology sectors. In his marketing experience in the last decade, he has developed an extensive and relevant network of key business people, public and private sector leaders and government officials across Africa.

    Kwame Acquah earned an MA in Marketing Management in 1995 from Middlesex University in the U.K. before which he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Buckingham in 1993, graduating with a BSc. in Business Studies with a major in Marketing. Kwame’s ability to negotiate, liaise and maintain communications with regulatory authorities, his knowledge of relevant material agreements, laws, regulations and by-laws has manifested itself in all the business development projects he has embarked on in West Africa.

    Kwame’s dedication to achieving his goals has resulted in the establishing of a wide network of relationships encompassing strategic entities in various Sub-Saharan countries, including central banks, financial institutions, accounting and legal firms, together with leading business people.

    Kwame has the ability to negotiate and “close” high-level transactions. He has in-depth knowledge of the relevant legal framework and laws in West Africa. As a result of working in the sub-region, he has also developed a business network encompassing strategic entities, high profile “contacts” and key decision and policy makers.

  • Adam Mahama

    Mr. Adam Mahama holds an LLB (Hons) Law/Politics degree and is a Consultant to Research Development and Financial Consultants Limited (RDFC). Adam Mahama brings to the company a wealth of knowledge in the law and wields strong local and international experiences in business development and project consulting.

    Adam is currently the CEO/Shareholder of Deutsche Forfait West Africa Limited (DFWA) which was incorporated in July 2010 to provide forfaiting services to businesses in West Africa. DFWA has its parent company DEUTSCHE FORFAITING AG. headquartered in Cologne, Germany and they are primarily engaged in the financing of trade receivables (forfaiting services) internationally. The company’s annual turn-over is over one billion dollars.

    As a founding Director of CB Electric Company Limited, Adam Mahama helped to implement the ”Smart Cash” Electricity pre-payment metering system of the Electricity Company of Ghana, in its bid to reduce its debt burden and improve electricity supply in Accra. The contract was awarded in 2007 to CB Electric to replace all credit meters with 260,000 pre-paid meters.

    Mr. Adam Mahama is the Managing Director of Northshore Limited. He became the Country Representative of Rhode & Schwarz from 1998 and was instrumental in securing €17.5m contract for the company. He is currently finalizing a €35m contract to establish a water treatment plant in Wa, the Upper West region of Ghana.